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Guided tickets for the Caminito del Rey with the possibility of lunch

You can buy tickets for the Caminito del Rey with the alliance between Mesón Carrión and El Chorro Aventuras. In addition, we have different very advantageous packs that may include a guide or accommodation among other options.

Visit El Chorro Aventuras and go to the CAMINITO DEL REY PACKAGES tab to see the packs
or call 640 701 134 for more information.

Visiting the Caminito del Rey thanks to Mesón Carrión and El Chorro Aventuras

Mesón Carrión is associated with the travel agency El Chorro Aventuras. Thanks to El Chorro Aventuras, you can book your Caminito del Rey ticket that includes insurance and a guide. In addition, you can also book our bundle that includes the ticket, a guided tour and lunch at our restaurant, where you'll get to know the traditional cuisine from Málaga and Andalucía with traditional dishes like the fritura de pescado and the gazpacho andaluz, plus the opportunity to try out our great variety of local products such as the Manzanilla Aloreña olives and the Vega del Geva red wine.

Restaurant in the Caminito del Rey

Caminito del Rey

A brief introduction of what not long ago was considered one of the most dangerous and spectacular paths of the world.

Caminito del Rey, the most dangerous paths of the world

The most dangerous paths of the world

Before the reconstruction, the Caminito del Rey was considered one the most dangerous paths of the world. Built in between 1901 and 1905, together with the construction of the railway and as an acces route to the dams unveiled by king Alfonso XIII in 1921. It proceeds to the walls of the Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes, a spectacular canyon formed by the stream of the Guadalhorce river. The hanging bridge of the path is 105 metres above the ground beneith , thus it's not reccomended for people that are afraid of heights.

The construction of the highway made it so the Caminito's maintenance got left abandoned and so, some parts of the trail collapsed. Even though it was a risky route, many people, especially climbers dared to go through the path to enjoy it's beautifull environment. Unfortunately, due to the bad condition the path was in, it has taken a few lives over the course of it's existence, and thus leading to the closing of the Caminito.

Reconstruction and tourist succes

Many people called for it's restauration, since the path has a gorgeous environment. After some time of planning and reconstructing, paying a lot of attention not to harm the environment, the Caminito del Rey opened to the public in March 2015. It resulted in a huge success and it quickly became a place where many tourists are atracted to.

Walk the Caminito del Rey and try out the local cuisine

At Mesón Carrión, we offer you the traditional cuisine of Málaga and Andalucía, to recover strenghts after the Caminito del Rey. This traditional cuisine belongs to the Mediterranean diet, because of that it is rich in vegetables and seafood. In addition, we also offer a tasting menu of local products of great quality.