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Tasting of local products

Tasting of products from Álora and the province of Málaga

In Mesón Carrión, we want to give the Caminito del rey visitors the chance to try out the great variety of products made in both Álora and the province of Málaga, such as red wine, olive oil, table olives, etc.. You can order the local product tasting menu in our restaurant and, in addition, purchase any of those products.

Request the tasting menu of local products of the Caminito del Rey

We have a local product tasting menu for the visitors of the Caminito del Rey and Álora. In Mesón Carrión we think that many products of great quality are made in Álora, the Valle del Guadalhorce and many other villages from Málaga. That's why we give you the chance to try the best of these products in Mesón Carrión.

We offer a tasting menu for a good price wherein you can try out local products such as red wine, virgin olive oil, table olives, honey and cheese. In addition, if you really like any of these products you can also purchase them at the restaurant.

A tasting menu of products from Álora, Valle del Guadalhorce and Málaga

Local products of quality

In Álora, the Valle del Guadalhorce and the province of Málaga, products of great quality are made, a few of those nationally recognised and of designation of origin. If youre visiting Álora or the Caminito del Rey, be sure to check these local products out at Mesón Carrión where you can both taste and purchase them.

Manzanilla Aloreña table olives with designation of origin

Manzanilla Aloreña table olives with designation of origin

The Manzanilla Aloreña table olives, almost completely exclusive from Álora, the Valle del Guadalhorce and a few villages from the Sierra de las Nieves. They are seasoned with aromatic plants from the region that add an unforgetable flavour to them.

This variety of table olives was given a Designation of Origin certificate due to its singularity.

Vega del Geva red wine

Vega del Geva red wine (best wine in the years 2016 and 2017)

A Crianza red wine produced at the Bodegas Pérez Hidalgo in Álora, chosen nationally as the best wine two years consecutively (2016 and 2017), thus it must be present in our local product selection.

The vineyards are located in the vicinity of Álora and the Vega del Geva wine is produced in the village itself. According to the Guía de Supervinos, it has a bright, ruby like color, with a liquorice, blackberry and plum like aroma, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Extra Virgin Olive oil from Manzanilla Aloreña olives

Extra Virgin Olive oil from Manzanilla Aloreña olives

In our local products tasting menu you can try out this excelent Extra Virgin olive oil, ecological and made with Manzanilla Aloreña olives. Its a mild flavoured olive oil which tastes great on a slice of bread, as seasoning on salads or even for frying.

Miel de flores del Valle del Guadalhorce

Honey from the Valle del Guadalhorce

In Mesón Carrión, you can try out the honey thatis gathered in the Valle del Guadalhorce. Natural honey with flavours from the different flowers found in this region.

Málaga Dulce virgen sweet wine

Málaga Dulce virgen sweet wine

In our menu, we have another very well recognised wine, the Málaga dulce virgen wine. Produced only with Pedro Ximénez raisins, its a sweet wine with designation of origin in Málaga, elaborated in the Málaga Virgen winery, established in 1885.

It has an auburn color and it has a crianza like aroma. It has a delicious, sweet and elegant flavour.

Raisins from the Axarquía

Raisins from the Axarquía

These raisins possess a designation of origin in Málaga. They are from the Moscatel variety of raisins. They are harvested and dried with a natural process in the different villages of the Axarquía, at the east of the province of Málaga. These raisins are relatively big compared to the more common varieties. They have a dark violet color as a result of the natural drying process, instead of the reddish color the raisins obtained by artificial means have. Their sweet flavour is distinctive.

Llano del Jaral cheese

Llano del Jaral cheese

Another of the local products from Álora to try out in our restaurant is the Llano del Jaral cheese. The producers mainly use goat milk, sheep milk and a mix of both to obtain a distinctive taste. They offer different types of cheese: fresh cheese, cottage cheese, raw cheese and cured cheese.