• Travesía El Chorro Nº 1, Bda. Bermejo. Álora
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Mesón Carrión and the Caminito del Rey

Welcome to Mesón Carrión, a restaurant from Álora located less than ten minutes from the south exit of the Caminito del Rey. Our facility is spacious and has several dining rooms to accommodate and serve both large groups as well as families and couples who only need one table, or for those who simply wish to enjoy some of our delicious tapas.

We offer the visitors of the Caminito del Rey and everyone that comes to our restaurant a dining experience based on the traditional andalusian cuisine and more specifically the cuisine of Málaga. In addition, you can buy and try out local products of great national appreciation such as the Vega del Geva wine or the Aloreña olives.

Restaurant of Álora - Caminito del Rey Restaurant

A restaurant with the traditional andalusian cuisine and tasting of local products in the Caminito del Rey area

We give you the opportunity in Mesón Carrión to complete your Caminito del Rey visit by experiencing the authentic flavours of the andalusian cuisine, specifically the cuisine of Málaga, also coupled with local products of great gastronomic recognition.